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California Recovery Center (CRC) is a state licensed dual diagnosis addiction treatment and behavioral health services provider in Northern California. We base our philosophy on the belief that all our residents are unique individuals who hold the ability to lead successful, fulfilling lives. 

We specialize in inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. We offer individualized and evidence-based treatment to help individuals achieve optimal health and wellness.

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We offer flexible outpatient programs designed to empower your well-being journey while seamlessly integrating with your daily life. Here are some key advantages of our outpatient programs: 

Flexibility and Convenience

Individualized & Evidence-Based Treatment

Confidential and Private

Interdisciplinary Team of Wellness Professionals


What our clients say

CRC absolutely saved my life. I detoxed there and I was terrified. ALL staff are the most compassionate people I ever met. They not only supported my but also my family. I got through detox and gained a group of people that love and care for me. Facility is very comfortable and the chef is amazing. 

If you’re looking for help, you should definitely give them a call. It can change your life if you let it. In addition, they have an alumni group that is so supportive. I would give this place 10 stars if I could. 

Much love to all staff. I’ve been home 4 hours and I miss them already. 

Please take the first step and give them a call. You are worth it! .”

-Lisa B

Good day, this is Ron Jackson. I was in a 3 part program at California recovery. Thank God for California recovery to help. Put me on the right track. I was on a crooked road and they gave me all the tools that I put my tool back to use on everyday life. Outstanding staff counselors, they also gave me a ride to-and-fro for the first 30 days. That was a blessing, and now I’m happy with my grandchildren, my children. And myself I finally made amends to myself. And that helped my life also and without California recovery and me change in my mind. That was crooked, and now it’s straighter. I’m a happier and better person for my self and my children and grandchildren. California recovery you have a great day, and thank you. 

-Ron J

I am so happy that I went to CRC for 30 days because I have been sober for 5 months and I now actually like myself and don’t have to drink to be comfortable around people and have a good time. I felt welcome from day 1 and it was kind of hard to say goodbye at 30 days. The Therapists & Instructors, Medical Team, Chef, Admin, were excellent at their jobs and all helped me become a much better person not only mentally but physically. Along with classes on helping us with our addiction, we did a little meditation each day, went to the gym and one day a week had yoga. My family & I THANK YOU ALL so very much. 


This place literally saved my life! The staff is excellent, intelligent, and most importantly genuinely caring! Clean, quiet and the food is wonderful! I really got the time and instruction to learn about my addiction and myself! I feel like I’m meeting my true self for the first time in 40 years! I suggest doing the 30 day inpatient and being open to the suggestion of the counselors to continue with outpatient if possible! I was really resistant in the beginning and by the end I really didn’t want to leave. On to the next step! Thank you CRC! I owe the program and staff beyond measure! 

-John G. 

was there for 30 days, and it was nothing short of awesome. The food, the people, the education, was all so professionally run. Rachel, Kabow, Lorelle, Sabastian, Tanya, Rayna, Moe, Matt and the rest were true saints. I remain sober and defend it with all I have. #142days From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.  

-Carlos G. 

Client Inquiries

Quick Answers to Your Questions 

Are the fees covered by my insurance

 Every insurance plan is different. Therefore, every insurance will determine if California Recovery Center can provide the appropriate treatment for you then decide on authorizing treatment is appropriate for your condition. CRC will assist in contacting your insurance and verifying if your insurance benefits are available.   

How do I find the right therapist

 The client’s insurance company will have a list of properly credentialed clinical therapists who they will refer clients to for treatment. At CRC, we employee psychotherapists specifically trained to treat substance use and behavioral health disorders and are available to support the healing of our clients.

How often will I meet my therapist

 The frequency of sessions between a CRC clinical therapist is determined by the client driven treatment plan. Each client has a unique and individualized treatment plan that determines how often a client sees their assigned therapist. 

Do you have an aftercare program

 CRC has an Alumni program that focuses on keeping in contact with graduated clients and their families. Each aftercare plan is individualized and unique according to the needs of the client. CRC strives to stay in contact with our alumni and remind them of treatment opportunities should treatment needs arise. 

What are your visiting hours

 CRC does not have established visiting hours. Our programs are highly intensive and concentrated on changing lifestyles and patterns. We minimize outside distractions and do our best to help the client stay focused on reaching treatment goals. 

What type of rehabilitation services do you offer

 CRC offers inpatient Detoxification Services (7-10 days), Residential Treatment Center Services (30-45 days), Partial Hospitalization Program Services of 6 hours per day 5 days per week (30-60 days), and Intensive Outpatient Program Services 3 days per week for 3 hours per day (30-60 days).