Are the fees covered by my insurance?

 Every insurance plan is different. Therefore, every insurance will determine if California Recovery Center can provide the appropriate treatment for you then decide on authorizing treatment is appropriate for your condition. CRC will assist in contacting your insurance and verifying if your insurance benefits are available.   

How do I find the right therapist

 The client’s insurance company will have a list of properly credentialed clinical therapists who they will refer clients to for treatment. At CRC, we employee psychotherapists specifically trained to treat substance use and behavioral health disorders and are available to support the healing of our clients.

How often will I meet my therapist

 The frequency of sessions between a CRC clinical therapist is determined by the client driven treatment plan. Each client has a unique and individualized treatment plan that determines how often a client sees their assigned therapist. 

Do you have an aftercare program

 CRC has an Alumni program that focuses on keeping in contact with graduated clients and their families. Each aftercare plan is individualized and unique according to the needs of the client. CRC strives to stay in contact with our alumni and remind them of treatment opportunities should treatment needs arise. 

What are your visiting hours

 CRC does not have established visiting hours. Our programs are highly intensive and concentrated on changing lifestyles and patterns. We minimize outside distractions and do our best to help the client stay focused on reaching treatment goals. 

What type of rehabilitation services do you offer

 CRC offers inpatient Detoxification Services (7-10 days), Residential Treatment Center Services (30-45 days), Partial Hospitalization Program Services of 6 hours per day 5 days per week (30-60 days), and Intensive Outpatient Program Services 3 days per week for 3 hours per day (30-60 days).  

Is this a gender-specific recovery facility

 At this time CRC does not offer gender specific services

What amenities and facility do you offer to support my recovery

 CRC has an Executive Chef to support healthy lifestyle changes, a boutique/intimate residential home for detoxification and residential treatment settings, telehealth services for those requiring virtual platformed services,  semiprivate bedrooms, Medical Assistants to help clients with their medications and health needs, professionalcounseling for those who require treatment with their mental health, off site physical activities, yoga exercises by a certified instructor, and massage therapy.

Is the facility affiliated with any sober living housing facilities

 CRC is not.

Are the staff members licensed and experienced in treating varios types of addiction and mental health issues

 CRC employs Licensed Clinical Therapists, Associate Level Therapists, Certified Alcohol or Drug Counselors, Case Managers, Trauma Informed Certified Yoga Instructors and Trauma Informed Certified Fitness Trainers. Each are trauma informed in their disciplines and are highly experienced and trained to provide treatment to a wide array of addictions and mental health disorders.

What family opportunities are available to support with my recovery journey

 CRC convenes a weekly Family Thursdays educational meeting. Group facilitators use an evidenced based curriculum to educate family members in learning how to support their loved ones. 

Will I be able to use my laptop or phone

 Clients are usually restricted in their use of cell phones and computers. Only on special occasions will clients be allowed to have in their possession these devices. 

Why choose the inpatient program

 Inpatient offers an intense approach to treating addiction and mental health issues while minimizing outside distractions and influences. Inpatient is only 1 part of one’s journey towards healing and change. CRC offers other services that will compliment and supplement the client’s journey towards healing and recovery.

What can I do about my job during treatment

 Many of our clients request from their employers a medical leave of absence. Our staff can assist clients with this process.

Will I get to talk to my love ones while undergoing the treatment

 Communication with loved ones who support healing and recovery is allowed but contingent on the goals and objectives of the client driven treatment plan. 

What kind of treatment do you offer

 CRC offers treatment for mental health struggles as well as those suffering from alcohol and drug addictions. We help our clients with residential and outpatient services.

Are your programs confidentials

 CRC’s programs are licensed and certified by the California Department of Health Care Services and is accredited by The Joint Commission. Both these recognitions are a result of CRC achieving the highest level of standards of care that an organization can achieve. 

How often should I participate in the program

 Participation by the client is based on the direction of the individualized treatment plan. The client and their assigned counselor and therapist will create a treatment plan that is customized according to the unique needs of the client. This plan will dictate the details of one’s participation. 

Can I do short-term therapy

 CRC cannot guarantee a short duration of treatment. The success of a client’s treatment is dependent on many factors, including the compliance and cooperation of the client themself. Often times, treatment is a lifelong journey that requires occasional sessions with the client’s support persons. Regardless of the duration or frequency of your treatment needs, CRC will be here to offer you opportunities to access support and treatment.

How long do outpatient programs typically last

 Inpatient Detoxification will last from 7-10 days,  Residential Treatment Center Services will last for 30-45 days, Outpatient Service can last from 30-60 days, and Alumni Service can last as long as you need support.